Janoff & Khatri

Our Story

Our beginnings

Back in 1977, when gas was 5 cents a gallon and you could buy a pack of gum for a dime, Dr. Jeff Janoff took a hike from big city Boston to our quaint town of Venice. He hung a shingle on a little island, on a little street called Miami Avenue. He planted some roots, raised some kids, and built a legacy that would span 4 decades. When he met Dr. Nilo Khatri in 2007, it was a chance meeting a colleague arranged. They met over Italian food, broke bread, and forged a bond that would endure. 

2008, Janoff & Khatri combine forces, JKPD is born

The two docs from two generations, paired Dr. J’s acute business acumen and years of expertise with Dr. K’s signature recipe for hospitality and business leadership. Together, they led our team and served our community, reaching farther than they ever could have independently.

2020 Dr. Janoff retires, yet his legacy lives on.

In 2020, after 43 years of service, Dr. Janoff was called to a new adventure. Although now retired, our company still proudly carries Dr. Janoff’s legacy.  In 2022 we took the leap and changed our namesake to Kids Choose Us Pediatric Dentistry.  “Kids Choose Us” started years ago as a humble brag and lived as our tagline and soon became an identifying slogan that we are proud of and always working to live up to.

Our Secret Sauce

Sparking joy and delight in each person we encounter is the hallmark of our brand. 51% hospitality combined with 49% technical skill is the recipe for our legendary service.

Our Vision

We seek to inspire and nurture the human spirit. Our hope is to better the life of every child in our community by delivering cutting edge pediatric dental health care, regardless of ability or means.