Janoff & Khatri


Cultivating the next generation of
business leaders

Want to learn about the principles of elite leadership? Interested in a career in dentistry or being an entrepreneur? Kids Choose Us Pediatric Dentistry is always on the search for awesome interns who want to experience working in a dynamic, fast-paced and high-energy environment.  These students of knowledge learn from our culture of entrepreneurial ideation and collaborative spirit.

We need talented humans, who are hungry to grow in their leadership and communication, and have an incredible work ethic. Dr. Khatri and our team will be proud to serve as your mentors. Be prepared to get uncomfortable, to grow, and to forge life-long friendships .

We have multiple internship opportunities, ranging from single day programs all the way to year long apprenticeships. At any time, you will find high school, college, or graduate level students bustling around in our office doing an array of activities that moves the needle of our organization. Our senior interns are typically completing our signature gap-year internship program. 

An apprenticeship in our office is not for the faint of heart. Our programs are intentionally designed to challenge your thinking, get your brain turning, and your heart pumping on a daily basis.

Contact us at hi@kidschooseus.com or 941.484.2629 if you’re ready to start your future.

Intern Testimonials

“My time as a JKPD intern has had an incredible impact on my life. I learned about who I was, what I stood for, and who I wanted to become. I left the company to attend dental school armed with a broader and more enlightened perspective on life, a greater understanding of my own purpose and core values, and a clear vision on how I’m going to affect change in my sphere.”
–Micaela C.

“My experience has been profound, personally and professionally. I’ve learned and participated in the behind-the-curtain magic required to execute a successful practice. Doc is teaching me how to think like an entrepreneur, how to communicate clearly, and how to vision cast and inspire a team. I am developing my EQ and hospitality skills, and realize how important these are to leading an elite organization. 

But the most impactful part of my journey has been learning how to walk in confidence as a black female professional working to bridge the gap of minority representation in dentistry.”
–Sarah B.

“Dr. Khatri not only became my mentor, but also my friend, and my big sister. She continues to push me to get past my comfort zone, and think about my own leadership and life in innovative ways. I learned about dentistry, business, and what it looks like to be a strong female leader. But more importantly, I learned about life, and what I want to give back with mine.
–Kaitria A.