Janoff & Khatri

Marla Kolter

Dental Hygienist
Pizza lover. Terrible joke teller. Crazy cat lady.

Born and raised in Venice, with the spirit of a wanderer, Marla is an avid adventurist. She is always looking for new places and experiences to explore! This UCF Alumni enjoys globe trotting and fully immersed herself in the Hawaiian culture of Aloha and hospitality while living there post-graduation. After a number of years in the hospitality industry in Hawaii and Florida, Marla decided to take her care for others to the next level, and become a dental hygienist. When Marla is not on an adventure hiking or skydiving, she enjoys curling up with a Harry Potter book or movie and her 2 fluffy Mainecoon cats, Hufflepuff and Athena McGonagall.

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