Janoff & Khatri

Dr. Nilofer Khatri

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist/Chief Vision Caster
Smile Designer. Foodie. Knowledge Seeker.

The Short

Dr. Khatri is a board certified pediatric dentist. She fixes teeth that fall out for a living, and is geeked out on delighting kids, and their grownups. She thinks she was put on the earth to do just that. Come meet her, and see her in action. She’s a mashup of weird, awesome, and fun.

The Long

Dr. Nilo Khatri, a first generation American, (also known as ‘Doc’) grew up in Tallahassee (go Noles!). She was intent on studying something artsy, but found her way to University of Florida (go Gators!) where she studied something sciencey instead.  She got her B.S. in Food Science and Human Nutrition, and then her Doctorate in Dental Medicine. Growing up as a protector to Yasmin, an extra special lil’ sis, deeply connected Doc to other kids with Downs Syndrome and all special kids. She decided to pursue pediatric specialty training in hopes of making special kids lives a wee bit funner and brighter.

One of the highlights of her time in Gainesville included her meeting and marrying her bestie for the restie and partner in all good things, Adnan Khan. When Doc matched at New York University’s pediatric dental residency program, the newlyweds eagerly packed their bags and set off for an adventure in the Big Apple. The following chapters of their life together landed them at a chance meeting with Dr. Jeff Janoff in 2007. Bread was broken, and a life-long friendship forged. In 2008, JKPD was born. In the coming years, the couple engaged in their three favorite pastimes: work, travel, and eating. Life was easy breezy.

2013 ushered in the next chapter of their lives, the era of the Khanlings, Doc’s children – Ameer, Maya and Zayd. As her three littles were born within four years, they have now been dubbed as the Terrible and Triumphant Trio of what is now the Khan Family Circus. Circus life has brought Doc a fresh perspective of parenthood and children, and a deeper connection to the parents in the practice.

When she’s not corralling the animals of the Khan Family Circus, you’ll find doc sipping a hot chocolate (Starbs, nutmeg, hold the whip) with one of her interns talking about core values, the inward growth journey, or crafting a legacy that can impact the world. Mentorship of budding female dentists and entrepreneurs is her jam. She’s developed a robust internship program cultivated to develop women and minorities in dentistry and business leadership.

Dr. Khatri is on a mission to bring together a community of humans seeking to live their lives with intention and impact.

Follow her IG account to see posts about personal growth, business leadership, and support for aspiring BIPOC dentists and entrepreneurs. Books and podcasts are her peanut butter, and mindfulness is her jam. You’ll see that for sure, as well as her hilarious attempts at trying to find a (non-existent) balance of work/mom/entrepreneur life.

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