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“She always asks, 'When is my next visit?'”

“You have to see this place to believe it. Then, imagine seeing it through a kid’s eyes!”

“My friends ask me, ‘Why on earth is he so excited about a dentist appointment?’”

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Kids choose us

Here’s what kids don’t know: The fun, the big smiles, the big hearts and the crazy costumes that make Janoff & Khatri Pediatric Dentistry a place they choose to be, mask what’s really happening here. Optimal oral health. In this instance, what our kids don’t know helps them.

A necessary pleasure.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children visit a dentist by age one, or at the time the first tooth comes pushing through. From there, a lifetime of dental care, prevention and education is exactly what the doctor orders.

From age one through the late teens, Doctors Janoff and Khatri keep kids coming back, without fear, without fail.